Delphine Manivet

Following her studies to the fashion Institute of Paris, Delphine Manivet is hired by the famous fashion house Rochas. In 2004, just after creating her own bridal gown for her wedding, the young designer decides to launch her brand, inspired by her passion for the wedding world and her will to make women beautiful the D-Day. Her creations revolutionize the brides’ world and become quickly famous thanks to the press which describes her style as timeless and modern in the same time.

Over the last ten years, Delphine Manivet becomes the emblematic Parisian bridal designer pioneer in her business. She attracts more and more women, all seeking elegance and romanticism but also several celebrities who will wear the most iconic styles of the brands on the red carpets.

In love with beauty and traditions, the designer wants to preserve the traditional « savoir-faire » of the French sewing expertise with noble fabrics, such as the Calais lace offering fashionable designs.